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Schools Management

Epark IT has made a dynamic school/collage/madrasa. we following government requirements. we have provided about 200 schools and collages so far. we know how to make our teachers happy and satisfied. many web development company providing schools websites but they don’t following government requirements. they just washed out teachers brain. as we know many teachers not web development skills. so later on the teachers suffering lots.

What Schools Get from Us ?

A complete unique design and dynamic website. that not only cover government requirements also giving lots of features like transports, books, real time results etc. we will provide 24/7 phone or email support. if you need more information just call us at 01715-181122

what type of Design Quality Epark IT provides ?

Epark providing high quality website design that should be unique so no one can find out same design in the internet. have a look our quality of design below:schools website

How much Epark IT take from schools ?

its very cheap and reliable for every schools. we wanted to serve best quality with cheap cost. so we participant with government good initiative for digital bangladesh.

so its only 7000 Tk. its really very cheap according to government requirements.  we will support whole further year only 5000Tk/year with domain and hosting charges.

What included with our dynamic schools/ collages/ madrasa ?

Our site will be 2 versions English and Bengali. ( out of government requirements. its extra feature)

  1. current student, teachers and staffs database with photos

Details:  the system need to be section where show current student list with photo.  Same way old students who are not in the school now. Also we need every student, teacher and staff details in their profile like name, date of birth, joint date, education qualification etc. all the information can be put system admin.

  1. online admission management

Details: student can admission trough website. He will fill the all necessary information and pass the information to system admin. Once system admin approval the admission then this student is now this school student. Its possible admission fees and other fees can be made through system.

  1. students fees takes from mobile banking or cards ( payment geteway API should provided by schools) 

Details: students or parents can make payment through system with their mobile banking like b-kash or debits cards if they want. Also there need a section if the students or parent can pay in cash. System admin can put the cash payment information in particular student who made payment in cash.

  1. Will get SMS notification to parents and students (school should be provided SMS API)

Details: system admin can sent sms notication to parents and students mobile numbers.

  1. Online result management

Details:  We will provides every subjects marks and CGPA. Also we have print option and download option. Also every teacher have own admin panel. So teachers can put mark in the system so like 10 teachers put marks on system. System will saved all the marks teachers gave and The system will calculate results and show how government website provides results like ssc, hsc, degree etc .

  1. Teachers, staffs, students every day presents management

Details: system will count teachers, staffs and students attendance.  schools management can see each day who present in schools or not. Its very important once management make salary end of the months.

  1. Teachers, staffs salary sheets and leave management

Details: system admin can make individual teachers and staffs salary sheet with their attendance information. Also system can provides leave management like when who leaves.

  1. School accounts management

Details: the website can provides all the payment details Likes expenditure, income, every student payment details like due payment, received payment details. Etc.

  1. Class routine, notice board etc management

Details: the website provides module in front end so all peoples can see class routine, notice board. System admin can edit and put this things from back end.
10 . Admin panel, teacher panel, student panel and parent panel 


Admin : panel will have full access of website. He can add user if want.  He can add teachers, edit everything.

For teacher panel: teacher need to register with email and necessary information. Request go to system admin once system admin approved then teachers can get teacher panel. Teacher can upload contents, images, syllabuses or any information. The information will go front end and student can see this.

Student panel: same as teacher panel.

Parent panel:  same teacher panel but parent can give advice, and content upload.

We will give system backup every 30 days automatically. So every schools are safe.

we think those things will make sense. Let us know  if you have any other questions.

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